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Nicaragua Jinotega El Zapote

Immerse Yourself in Rich Chocolate & Nutty Delight: Nicaragua Jinotega El Zapote Roasted Coffee Beans

Embrace the bold flavors of Nicaragua with our Jinotega El Zapote roasted coffee beans. Cultivated in the famed Jinotega region, these beans deliver a captivating experience for coffee connoisseurs who appreciate a balance of nutty richness and decadent chocolate notes, especially at a medium or dark roast.


Coffee Style

Whole Bean

Keurig Grind

Drip Grind

Espresso Grind

French Press Grind

Roast Type





8 oz

12 oz

16 oz

Nutty & Chocolatey Indulgence

Flavor Profile

Nutty Delight: Aromas of toasted nuts captivate the senses, setting the stage for a flavorful adventure.

Dark Chocolate Decadence: Rich dark chocolate flavors explode on the palate, offering a luxurious and satisfying taste sensation.

Caramel & Fudge Brownie Symphony: Smooth caramel and decadent fudge brownie notes intertwine, creating a complex and indulgent flavor profile.

Clean Citrus Acidity: A touch of bright citrus acidity cuts through the richness, creating a perfectly balanced cup.

Creamy & Smooth Body: The medium body boasts a luxurious and creamy mouthfeel, adding to the overall indulgent experience.

Medium to Dark Roast Perfection: Roasted to medium or dark perfection, this coffee allows the chocolate brownie notes to truly shine.

Beyond the Flavor

Jinotega Provenance: Hailing from the celebrated Jinotega highlands of Nicaragua, these beans benefit from ideal growing conditions and meticulous farming practices, resulting in a truly exceptional cup.

Creamy Mouthfeel: The unique processing methods used in Jinotega contribute to a luxuriously creamy mouthfeel, making every sip a delight.

Balanced & Alluring: Experience a perfect harmony of nutty richness, decadent chocolate, and a touch of citrusy brightness in every cup.

Unwind with a cup of Nicaraguan coffee excellence. Order your bag of Nicaragua Jinotega El Zapote roasted coffee beans today!

Flavor Profile?


Our coffees have unique flavor profiles based on the beans themselves. Tasting notes describe these natural flavors, helping you find the right coffee suited to your flavor palate. These cupping notes are brought out purely through roasting, no artificial flavors are added.