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About Us

Rusty Mug Coffee is a small, family owned and operated business that specializes in bringing out the best in coffee. Our size allows us to move fast and keep up with the latest trends in roasting coffee. We strictly roast only single origin and specialty grade coffee.

How We Started

Johan, my dad, is one of those people who are always busy with something. Whatever
he’s working on, he’s very passionate about learning everything there is about it. He once told
me a story about how, when he was a kid, he received a toy ambulance. He was so fascinated
by the fact that it could drive straight or in circles by turning the front wheels. It had working
doors, lights, a blaring siren, and a stretcher in the back. He took it apart to learn how it worked
and then realized too late that he couldn’t put it back together again. I think of that story as a
perfect example of how he has never stopped questioning things.

He’s inquisitive about how everything works, which explains how he’s now so involved
with learning about his morning coffee. The intricate chemistry of coffee, the way that everything
affects the taste: temperature, altitude where it was grown, the type of soil it came from, he
could talk about it for hours.

He started getting into coffee after retiring from his jewelry company. When he started
Rusty Mug as his latest venture, I learned that he simply couldn’t retire. Whatever occupies his
mind quickly takes over his garage and the late hours of his nights.

He transformed his garage into a coffee studio. Smaller coffee machines only kept his
attention for so long until he invested into larger machines for roasting single-origin beans which
he used great care to source. He installed significant ventilation to keep the room temp lower
and preserve his roasts, and for a long while it seemed like he had a new addition to his
roasting process each week. He’s fully invested into learning the science of coffee, and now
he’s prepared to send his artisan roasts into the world.

Johan’s cat, Floki, loves to smell the coffee on his clothes, and he waits patiently at the
garage door for him to come inside. His little paw pads look just like freshly roasted coffee

Our Process


We start with the finest single-origin, specialty coffee beans, sourced from farmers around the world.

This means we work closely with responsible growers who prioritize quality and sustainability, ensuring you get the freshest, most flavorful beans available.


We meticulously roast each batch of beans to unlock their unique flavor profiles.

We use our expertise
and passion to create coffee beans that are perfectly balanced and bursting with aroma.


We offer freshly ground coffee for your convenience or whole beans to preserve optimal flavor.

Each product page has options for grind sizes, with each one labeled by the brewing method you’d use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your coffee flavored?

We don’t add any flavoring to our roasts. We believe that when roasted and served right,
coffee speaks for itself. We use the word “flavor” since it’s easily understood, although flavor is
subjective person to person, especially for something as nuanced as coffee. Any flavors we
mention are simply the natural cupping notes that are found in the green beans we roast.
Everyone’s palate is different, which is why we encourage you to find your favorite, where those
notes are just right for you.

How does the roast level affect the taste? Which one should I get?

Think of roasting coffee beans sort of like toasting bread:

Light Roast: Just like a lightly toasted slice of bread, light roast coffee has a brighter, tangier
flavor. You'll taste the natural flavors of the bean itself, maybe some fruitiness or a bit of a floral
taste. It also has the most caffeine.

Medium Roast:
This is like bread that's golden brown. Medium roast coffee has a more balanced flavor; you'll still get some of that brightness, but also a little sweetness and a fuller taste overall. This is a great middle-ground if you're not sure what you'll like!

Dark Roast: This is like bread that's toasted extra dark. Dark roast coffee has a bold, smoky
flavor, and you might taste hints of chocolate. It's less bright and fruity, and has the least amount of caffeine.

Read the cupping notes of each of our coffees to understand what notes are there, and then
think of how these roast levels might bring forward specific notes more. Of course, taste is
subjective, and each palate might taste certain notes more or less. We encourage you to
experiment to find your ideal roast!

Where do you get the unroasted coffee beans?

We purchase directly from coffee importers. They guarantee and offer the freshest beans.

How soon do you ship?

Your order is shipped 2 to 4 days after it is roasted.

When should I drink my coffee?

Coffee needs to "rest" after roasting to develop its optimal flavor profile and lose negative combustion tastes. This process is called degassing and is necessary to get the most flavor out of your coffee. The chemical reaction that causes the coffee to brown produces carbon dioxide, most of which stays trapped inside the freshly roasted beans. Resting coffee allows the CO2 to dissipate and the flavors and aromas to develop, resulting in a more balanced and enjoyable cup of coffee.

3-5 days after roasting is okay to drink but not the best.
2-3 weeks to taste a lot of the good stuff.
4-6 weeks is the peak period to drink the coffee.