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Mexico Chiapas Kulaktik

Embrace the Mexican Mystique: Roasted Chiapas Kulaktik Coffee Beans

Embark on a sensory journey to the heart of Mexico with Chiapas Kulaktik roasted coffee beans. Unwrap a captivating aroma of chocolate, brown sugar, and vanilla, and savor a flavor symphony of caramel, honey, and fruit, balanced by a milky mouthfeel and a delightful aftertaste.


Coffee Style

Whole Bean

Keurig Grind

Drip Grind

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French Press Grind

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8 oz

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Delight in the Richness of Mexican Coffee

Flavor Profile

Enticing Chocolate Fragrance: Immerse yourself in the rich, inviting aroma of dark chocolate, setting the stage for a decadent experience.

Brown Sugar & Vanilla Delight: A captivating blend of warm brown sugar sweetness and delicate vanilla notes creates a comforting and inviting aroma.

Caramel & Honey Harmony: Indulge in a smooth wave of caramel sweetness, balanced by the subtle elegance of honey.

Red Apple & Pear Duet: Crisp red apple notes add a touch of refreshing brightness, leading to a lingering pear aftertaste.

Orange Blossom Intrigue: A hint of floral orange blossom adds complexity and intrigue to the flavor profile.

Milk Chocolate Finish: The lingering taste of smooth milk chocolate provides a satisfying and comforting conclusion.

Mild Green Apple Acidity: Enjoy a bright, refreshing acidity reminiscent of green apples, without any harshness.

Medium Body & Milky Mouthfeel: Immerse yourself in a velvety texture that coats the palate with creamy goodness.

Beyond the Flavor

Chiapas Kulaktik Provenance: Sourced from the renowned Chiapas region, these beans benefit from ideal growing conditions, volcanic soil, and ancient Mayan farming traditions.

Cooperative Ethos: Support sustainable farming practices and empower local communities by choosing Chiapas Kulaktik, sourced directly from a cooperative of smallholder farmers.

Single-Origin Purity: Experience the unique character of Mexican coffee in every cup, knowing your beans come from a single, esteemed source.

Unearth the hidden treasures of Mexico in every cup. Order your bag of Chiapas Kulaktik roasted coffee beans today!

Flavor Profile?


Our coffees have unique flavor profiles based on the beans themselves. Tasting notes describe these natural flavors, helping you find the right coffee suited to your flavor palate. These cupping notes are brought out purely through roasting, no artificial flavors are added.